Our Team

Photo of Daniel Shore.

Dr. Daniel Shore

Social-Behavioral Scientist

Dr. Shore has a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology with areas of expertise in team dynamics, multi-team systems, and cultivating motivation for collaboration. He spent 5 years working with the US Department of Homeland Security to understand the social-behavioral drivers of effective cybersecurity incident response. In total, Dr. Shore has 10+ years of experience researching and training cybersecurity teams, which he leverages to support organizations across the public and private sectors. For the Integr8 program, he facilitates gamified, immersive experiences that level up teams and multi-team systems.

Photo of Zac Broomfield.

Zac Broomfield

Performance Coach

Zac is a performance coach for personal and professional development. For the Integr8 program, Zac coaches participants to ensure each person gets the maximum benefit from the training experience. To achieve this, he creates psychological safety through his facilitation of debriefs, reflections, and revelatory discussions. The concurrent approach to training and coaching provides a unique benefit at the individual, team, and multi-team levels.