LETS at Black Hat Europe 2021!
Dr. Daniel Shore presented “Building Better Cybersecurity Incident Response Teams Using Behavioral Psychology” on November 10-11. Read the Article.

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Human-centered training to maximize connectivity and agility for your cybersecurity teams.

Everyday, response times are lagging because of. . .

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Complex situations that
require collaborative

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Consensus decision-making
across multiple

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Volatile conditions
that destabilize

Our training programs cultivate. . .

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Team members
who are motivated
to collaborate

New channels for
communication and
information sharing

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Habits that increase
the speed and accuracy
of decision-making

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A team culture of
trust, connectivity,
and agility

Rooted in Research

Our development process is based on 5 years of research funded by the Department of Homeland Security that made up one of the most comprehensive studies of incident response teams ever conducted, including 80+ focus groups and interviews, over 200 participants, and hundreds of surveys across 17 international organizations–totaling 56,000+ research hours.

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