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Right here, right now, global cybersecurity leaders are calling for a cultural shift into shared responsibility.

19 February 2022

“Cyber attacks do not respect geographic boundaries.”

– Lindy Cameron, Chief Executive of GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

21 February 2022

“Cyberspace…need[s] a new social contract of shared responsibility in this new domain.”

– Chris Inglis, United States National Cyber Director

22 February 2022

“A complex and evolving cyber threat landscape requires a unified response.”

– Jen Easterly, Director of US’s Cybersecurity and
Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

When working in a volatile and uncertain environment, multi-team collaboration is the differentiator from your adversaries.


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Our development process is based on 5 years of research funded by the Department of Homeland Security that made up one of the most comprehensive studies of incident response teams ever conducted, including 80+ focus groups and interviews, over 200 participants, and hundreds of surveys across 17 international organizations–totaling 56,000+ research hours.

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